Starring: Klaudia Koronel, Ina Raymundo, Dante Rivero, Jaclyn Jose, Eric Parilla
Crispin Pineda, Frank Rivera, Menggie Cobarrubias, Irma Adlawan, Nante Montreal, Raymond Nieva

Irma Adlawan and Ina Raymundo, stars as mother and daughter. Raymundo as the subject of her grandfather's (Nante Montreal) affections, eventually gets raped, in news of this a gung-ho filmmaker and his scriptwriter, interested in it approaches the family in hopes to get the heartfelt story across. Unbeknown to Adlawan is that what is extremely personal will get skewered on screen. As scenes from the film flashes before the audiences eyes, we also get a glimpse of the truth behind it. And most often than not, what we see is farther from the truth. In the finished film, we see Jacklyn Jose portraying Adlawan, Klaudia Koronel as Raymundo, and the cynical Dante Rivero as the soulless grandfather.

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